Awaken, breathe deeply and experience the union

that is Yoga through free flowing Asanas and Pranayama to transcend and rejuvenate!

Anyone who has ever suffered from lower back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder strains for example will appreciate how such injuries can disrupt your life. 

Regular practice of Yoga can lessen repetitive strains and muscle wear and tear and cultivate a holistic approach to the health of not just your body but of the mind and spirit also, incorporating stretches,  ( Asanas ) breathing tecniques

( Pranayama ) and relaxation ( Savasana


I have been studying and practicing Yoga since 1988 and since training as a teacher in 2003 I have continued to study various physical methodologies and courses where different approaches to maintaining and improving health through movement, breathing and meditation have been explored. 

These include the teachings of :


Moshe Feldenkrais - A highly respected method of the emerging field of somatic education with the focus on learning through developing awareness with movement.


Vanda Scarvalli  an innovative approach to fitness through proper alignment of the spine. 


Start and end your week with an energizing Yoga practice  incorporating joint opening stretches, classical Hatha, 

Iyengar, and warming Vinyasa style flowing sequences at Unity Yoga 


These classes lean towards a therapeautic practice, blending traditional Hatha and Iyengar Yoga with sprinklings of other movement therapies gathered along this Yoga  journey! 


All levels are welcome and  as these classes are drop in, students can attend either class, whichever suits their own personal timetable. 


recently relocated, classes yet to be watch this space ! 




For all levels, beginners welcome! One to one personal tuition available by appointment.

Yoga one to one therapy session   1hr    €40


For all enquiries please contact :



Lower Blood Pressure * Increase Lymph and Blood Circulation * Strengthen Bones and Muscles * Increase Flexibilty * Improve Balance * Improve Posture * Improve Lung Function * Relax the Nervous System and Improve Sleep Patterns * Improve Digestion