"Claire has all of the qualities I appreciate in a therapist such as good boundaries, professionalism, experience, maturity, wisdom, kindness, gentleness, sensitivity, understanding, serenity, intuition, empathy and compassion. I highly recommend her ayurvedic treatments, massages and yoga classes.

I always leave feeling deeply relaxed, nurtured, cared for, rejuvenated and energised.

Claire brings a great wealth and depth of knowledge of ayurveda, yoga, physiotherapy and various healing modalities into everything she does and she really walks her talk.

If you want to treat yourself or have any issue to work on or heal I would highly recommend Claire."

   Rhonda Roycroft 



  " If you are seeking a therapist who 'walks the walk' and doesn’t just' talk the talk', then look no further!

I would absolutely recommend Claire as someone who has not only studied and practiced the disciplines of Ayurveda and Yoga for many years, but who has also faced life's challenges and transmuted them into the gold of true spiritual wisdom.

One area of guidance which I found particularly helpful was concerning diet. As someone who is just about as far removed from the proverbial domestic goddess as it is possible to be, I never made time to create nutritious food, and often felt tired and lethargic. However, once Claire had identified my Ayurvedic 'type', she gave me some extremely easy and enjoyable recipes which were so simple, cost effective and quick to cook, that I was hooked. I now feel a lot healthier and more energetic.

But for me what defines a truly authentic teacher is the heart of a person, and Claire has a truly wonderful and compassionate heart dedicated to healing others.“

   Helen Harrington 




   “ I recently had an Urdvathnam Ayurvedic Treatment which was very relaxing and soothing. Claire uses Ayurvedic herbs to help the body to detoxify, which are massaged into the body along with specially prepared oils; I felt quite grounded and balanced after the treatment.

Claire explains clearly how the treatment works and the benefits to the body, improving circulation and eliminating toxins. I would highly recommend this treatment, and I can see how regular treatments can assist weight loss as part of an Ayurvedic weight loss programme as I definitely felt a few pounds lighter afterwards!

I would describe the experience as both healing and balancing. Claire is a naturally gifted therapist and healer. Her Ayurvedic treatments are amazing and so relaxing. She is very skillful and knowledgeable about her work. I would highly recommend regular treatments with Claire to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit”

    Ruth Mc Carthy




" When I  first came to see Claire for a nutritional consultation I suffered from chronic digestive problems, recurring cystitis and my immune system was low.

I basically caught a cold or flu whenever there was one going around in my area,

meaning that I was sick several times during a winter season.

Claire's extensive and knowledgeable nutritional advice and her ayurvedic remedies

made a new person out of me.

Sticking to the ayurevedic diet that Claire worked out for me and her ayurvedic

remedies cured my digestive problems. I can't remember when I had cystitis last

and I haven't had a cold all winter. I addition to that I have more energy.

I went to Claire for an ayurvedic massage, tailored to my needs and  conditions.

It was very relaxing and supported my healing process.

I also had an ayurvedic oil treatment for my ears which helped to reduce my tinnitus.

Claire is a very caring person, passionate about her work and she knows her stuff.

I would gladly recommend her to anyone. "

   C. McCaffrey



 "  The health benefits of yoga are well documented and although Claire is not my first Yoga teacher, she is by far the best!  What makes Claire's class different is her depth of knowledge and attention to the needs of each individual.

Her classes are fresh each week, interesting and lively. Claire's training in Physical Therapy and Ayurvedic Medicine supports and reinforces her yoga instruction. Students with physical limitations, whether through age or injury, are gently accommodated and instructed.

However, what is really special about Claire is her individual attention to her students. Her classes are fun, well planned and varied. She is sensitive to the needs of individuals without sacrificing the overall class plan. "




 "  A few years ago a friend recommended Claire’s Yoga Class. At first I wasn’t sure if it would be of any benefit to me but I gave it a try and after a few weeks I could see  and feel the benefits.

It gives me time just for me, this at first may seem selfish but being in a calmer place helps you better deal with the stresses of life.

Yoga calms and relaxes me helping me to unwind after a busy day. Yoga relieves tensions in the body and the breathing exercises help to ground me,  finding stillness in my body which is always available to me if I look for it.

Claire works with any issue that anyone may have in the class to the benefit of all in the class. Every class differs in the rotation of exercises keeping us all interested and people work to their level of ability. I would highly recommend Claire’s Yoga Classes.

Grateful Student.."




  "   I have been attending yoga for the past number of years and have found Claire to be a very welcoming and helpful teacher.

She has been continuously encouraging to the development of each student at their own pace and has never made anyone feel under pressure to be at a certain standard.

I have found that after part taking in yoga for the past number of years, I have learned to become a more relaxed person as a result of the  breathing techniques which I have developed from the class.

I discovered that yoga allows me to take a break from reality and find a calm and tranquil place to take time for myself. After each class I feel re-energised and relaxed.

Yoga has proved to be an excellent remedy for sleep as I always have a restful night after Claire's classes.  "




" Dear Claire, 

I can't praise your class enough!  Since I injured my shoulder,  taking part in your yoga class has helped me to full recovery and reminded me again of my love of yoga!  
Thank you for your patience, I appreciate the discreet tip from time to time which has made all the difference.  
I am, and will continue,  to tell all my buddies about your class.
Keep up the good work  :)  " 

  Sinaid Crowley