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Broken People Get Recycled ...

"When inward tenderness finds the secret hurt

Then pain itself will crack the rock and let the soul emerge............ " Rumi

Depression as with other emotional and mental illnesses,

is frequently unnoticed, unacknowledged and often hidden


It is an illness but can also be transformative and is now

thought that people who suffer with depression are often very sensitive , conscious and awakened souls, having journeyed deep into the depths and beyond ...once knowing, cannot be unknown....

When depression descends on us, like a heavy shroud , we need

to see it as a journey to our inner underworld where our true potential and purpose can be revealed,... to really see and know who we really are , everything laid bare, nothing hidden then we will see there is nothing to fear ...

Fear is anxiety of the future that doesn't exist ...coming from the dark depression of the dead past; often these are the responses when we make decisions and actions that take us out of

our comfort zones which can otherwise hold us back

in containment, leaving us feeling stagnant and stuck ....

So try to embrace this time as a healing journey to yourself,

release and let go of all people, places and cycles of behaviour

that don't serve you.

Co dependancy, addictions and other familiar damaging patterns; however painful, they are what we know .. .

When you really let go, you open up to yourself and this can

feel very vulnerable and it's scary i know. However this is re birthing of your self and birth as we know can be a painful process, the bigger the pains, the bigger the growth they say ....

It's not easy to see this when you're in it, but it can be a time of introspection and a journey of exploration for yourself.

Learn to navigate your way and know there is no way to get lost ....all roads lead to the same path eventually ...

Find a way to free fall and let yourself will see how quickly you can learn to glide ...ride the currents ...and fly .....

i chose the above image to remind us that even in our darkness and solitude , we do have wings that are emerging through this transitional growth .. when we are ready ... ..

╰დ╮❤╭დ╯ .•*¨*♥ இ ૐ

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