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    What is Physical Therapy 

Physical Therapy  is a client centered holistic approach to sports, occupational and orthopedic

injuries focusing on the manual treatment of the soft tissue - muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia.


The therapist use highly skilled techniques to diagnose, prevent or treat underlying conditions and problems. Each treatment is individually tailored and has not only been proven to be very effective in relieving pain, but provide a complete assessment to determine and correct the underlying factors that may have caused your injury; the goal

being to treat pain and restore complete function and mobility.

Physical Therapy can assist in your well being regardless if you have an injury or illness or you simply want to

increase your chances of continued good health and longevity.


Recognizing the healing properties of touch , Physical Therapy uses a hands on method of treatment using muscle energy techniques ( MET’S ) physical examination and massage which improves lymph and circulation encouraging blood flow to the tissues and assisting in recovery.  After taking full health case history the therapist will consider psychological, social and environmental factors in devising a treatment plan and in suggesting appropriate changes

to lifestyle, work practice or exercise.


Physical Therapy can help you increase strength, flexibility and endurance, improve posture, balance and movement combining various Yoga based exercises and techniques.


  Physical Therapy is benefical for:


  • Neck pain , whiplash, headaches

  • Shoulder pain and tension 

  • Frozen shoulder, rotator cuff pain

  • Wrist pain, RSI, Tennis elbow

  • Lower back pain

  • Upper Thoracic pain

  • Hip and Pelvic dysfunctions

  • Sacral and coccyx pain

  • Sciatica and Periformis Syndrome

  • Knee, ankle, heel, metatarsal pain

  • Achilles injuries

  • Arthritis


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