My journey with Yoga and Ayurveda began in 1988,  when i was 22  I found myself at a mother and baby  Yoga class

with my daughter, then only a few months old  , stretching into yoga postures and feeling great, I loved it!  So,  I instantly

bought my first book on yoga and began what was to be  a lifetime's  practise. 

Over the years my practice  has become my sanctuary, somewhere  I could retreat to a place of stillness and calm when

life was challenging and difficult.

As a child i suffered significant  chronic health issues with recurrent  episodes.  I had  poor immunity, anxiety , migraines , asthma, frequent chest infections and  bronchitis . In my  early teens my health deteriorated , I had   panic attacks, digestive problems,  stress and  struggled with chronic fatigue ,  depression and anxiety . Over the years i've found a   regular practice of yoga , dietary  changes  and the use of appropriate herbs has been  very helpful . 

Driven to seek well being and health for myself,  I have  explored and  researched nutrition and studied herbs.  

Experimenting and  making potions and lotions, everything homemade and  non proscessed.  I loved cooking up alchemy in my kitchen. Plants and  herbs harvested from the hedgerows and  hanging up drying everywhere.  

To cope with stress, I'd walk for miles  with my  beloved deerhound, combined with my daily practice

on my yoga mat .

I could  practice strong, stress busting, energy relasing warriors when frustrated or  upset   pranayama and 

breath work  to bring balance and ease away  anxiety  and sometimes more often than not,  I'd lie down on my mat in savasana for extended periods of  restorative yoga to help me get through those  difficult spells. 

So yes, my practice, was  and  still is my personal sanctuary that I can retreat to,  find that stillness within myself away 

from everything that is going on in the world and just be, coming home to myself, the union that is yoga.  

Throughout everything I've been through in my life, there's always been that space for me  on my mat, somewhere safe where I could just let go a little and be me. 

Following a careful  and nutritious diet and Ayurvedic lifetsyle has also  played a huge part in attaining

good health and well being. 

We all face life's challenges  but  I have found my  regular  practice of  yoga has impacted on my health in a positive way, helping me to stay focused , bringing balance into my life. 


I've explored other styles of Yoga practices such as Kundalini, Satyananda Yoga and enquiring deeper into

Yoga Therapy with the teachings of T.K.Desikachar and Mukunda Stiles.  Inspired by Yoga as a medicine for the body,

mind and spirit, I began looking deeper for different approaches to maintaining and exploring health,

seeking to heal not just the physical, but all the  energetic koshas, the five layers of being in yoga. 


My yoga studies over the years have included  other yoga practices  and bodywork such as Vanda Scaravelli’s innovative approach through proper alignment of the spine.  Through this powerful practice, I have experienced  some  of the most profund

healing experiences from Scaravelli teachers such as  Diane Long and the wonderful Margaret Hardman who teaches  

Vanda's style of  " Awakening the Spine" from a passionate and devoted heart as well as being delightfully fun to work

with!  I have also  studied the kinesthetic observations and lessons of Moshe Feldenkrais;

a highly respected method of the emerging field of somatic education with the focus on learning through

developing awareness through movement.


These deeper inquiries gave me a hunger to know more about the anatomical and physiological pathways

of the body and led me to train as a Physical Therapist and inquire into the mystery of the spinal fluid through the

techniques of  Cranial Sacral Therapy.  


It was in 2006, while  browsing through a second hand book shop, that I really found Ayurveda when  I came

across Deepak Chopra's book " Perfect Health". Although i had come across snippets about Ayurveda  in other books

I found this to be a clearer and more consise reference to Ayurveda from a health and scientific vew point. 

My epiphany  came when i realised that I had in fact been healing myself  with Ayurveda and living the Ayurvedic

lifestyle for my 'type'  through trial and error, with great results and without realising, I was living Ayurveda ! 

I had already read Deepak's book "Quantum Healing" and both books resonated with me so much I undertook to study

Ayurveda and began an ongoing  journey of wisdom, science and learning which eventually led me to London for my training and broadened my world to a whole new level of possibilities for health and healing, involving all areas of our lives including emotional, psycological and physical well being and has become my way of life. 


Since my early 20’s I’ve spent many years studying the beneficial properties of herbs and nutrition. Motivated by my

own ill health and a determined quest for well being over the last 25 years or so. I own a library of healing literature

which I continue to add and dip into on a frequent basis, updating my knowledge as I continue to research and study

therapeutic ways to heal not just the physical body but emotionally and  mentally also; giving me  a fairly

good foundational knowledge of herbs, supplements and nutrition.

This has further been enhanced by my studies of Ayurveda, the use of Indian and western herbs  and individualised

specific nutritional diet and herbal plans for clients.


But also my life experiences and ill health have been my greatest teachers, where I have  travelled the deepest

 journey's of healing.   And I'm still learning...


Over the years I have  treated and worked  with senior and elderly students,  at  children's camps and  karma yoga through  voluntary teaching ,  including teaching  teenage boys in  rehabilitation centres for drug abuse and

violent crimes. I've taught and guided individuals with addiction issues, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,

adults with  limited mobility, pregnant women and  young people  with Austistic Spectrum Disorder and

Aspergers Symdrome.

Those who know me well will know I can spend hours passionately extolling the life changing and healing benefits of

Yoga and Ayurveda. Really I could easily spend the rest of my life being an eternal student of the body but the sacred

healing power of touch and putting my acquired knowledge into practice drives me on to resolve chronic issues and

bring healing and release for clients.


I'm often asked, what kind of yoga do you teach ? Well. what is yoga?  Yoga is  awareness, being mindful, having the right intention.. yoga is laughter, yoga is is within everyone, just waiting to be tapped into when you take the time

to pause in your life, tune in and just be,  union with the self.

Listening to your heart beating.

Listening to your breath.

Watching your thoughts, your emotions. 

Yoga is  being yourself in non judgement, opening your heart centre in kindness and compassion,

not just others but to yourself also.

Yoga has revitislised, nurtured and given me the support that was absent for much of my life and  Ayurveda

has been the golden thread that holds it alltogether.

Yoga and Ayurveda  are way of life, a way of being in your daily activities; the longer you stay with it and the more

heart you put into the journey, the further it will  take you....

Claire Rosewood
Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutritional Practitioner AP Dip.
Ayurvedic Therapist AP Dip.
Yoga Instructor and Therapist CY Dip. YFI RCY
Physical Therapist IIPT. Phys
Dravyaguna - Ayurvedic  Herbal Pharmacology
Initiated and certified as Kahuna ARCH Healing Practitioner
Reiki : 

Tera Mai Sechem  Attunement 1

Tera Mai Sechem Practioner



Fully accredited with Complementary Medicine Association

( CMA ) and  The Federation of Holistic Therapists ( FHT ) 
Attends Ayurveda Seminars with Dr Vasant Lad -  Ayurvedic Physician, Professor and director of The Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Initially an Iyengar student with many years of personal practice since 1988, I qualified as a Yoga Instructor in 2003, completing a two year study program of Yoga Asana, Philosophy and Pranayama with Contemporary Yoga Ireland.


"Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty before you. The future will take care of itself. "


©  2014  by Claire Rosewood 

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